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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day in February

There is only one plant in bloom in my inside garden. It is a pink Anthurium.

I feel in love with the pink flower during my visit to Franklin Park Conservatory last month during Conservatory World Tour week. This plant was a Valentine's Day gift, just in time for Bloom Day. Looking at the plant closely, I noticed that the leaves resemble a heart.

What I think of as the flower is really a spathe. According to Green Web, a spathe is "A large bract, sometimes highly colored, surrounding or enclosing a spadix." A spadix is "A fleshy flower spike in which tiny florets are embedded."

Amazing what you can learn by digging deeper!

I had two plants bloom between Bloom Days, so here they are in all their glory.

Amaryllis "White Christmas"

Amaryllis "Apple Blossom"

I have one more Amaryllis, "Red Lion", that has not bloomed yet. I am starting to doubt if it will get any flowers. There are healthy green leaves, but no sign of flowers yet. This may be one for next month's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!