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Saturday, August 2, 2008

I'm Wandering through the Daylilies Again!

Our Master Gardener group provides opportunities four times a year to help us meet our annual education requirements for recertification as a Master Gardener. Last month, our education took place at another wonderful gem we have in Central Ohio, Amity Abloom. Amity Abloom is located in Hilliard, Ohio. We had the opportunity to shop for an hour and then Charles and Cynthia Lucius, owners, graciously talked to us for two hours about growing daylilies. This is their third business season offering more than 550 varieties of registered daylilies in their sales beds alone. There are over 4,000 daylilies in the sales beds to view and select from. These beds are laid out in rays labeled with letters and rows labeled with numbers for specific plant referencing. Their gardens are full of: full/round, spider, double, and unusual daylilies. I did not realize that daylilies were classified in these catagories. I knew that daylilies needed sun, but was told that at least six hours a day is required. The best PH for daylilies is around 6.7-6.8. They need about 1-1 1/2 inches of water a week after the scapes emerge. Scape, was a new term for me. There are also four size of daylilies: miniature, small, medium, and large. There are early, mid, and late bloomers. This is a wonderful online source for getting your daylily questions answered published by the American Hemerocallis Society. I know I will be back to visit this wonderful resource right here in Central Ohio.
Our next mission is to create a daylily bed from our latest purchases. Oh...sounds like a new posting to me.

Here are some pictures from our visit:
(Pictures taken by our friend Connie E.)

Here we are---playing in the daylilies!