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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Welcome to my Blog

I am very excited to be beginning a new way to communicate about my passion--gardening. My husband and I are fairly new at gardening. We bought a house in a semi-rural area on one acre in Delaware County in central Ohio. Leaving our suburban lot behind for an much larger lot times was a huge blessing. Our landscaping at the new house consisted of several white pine trees, and a couple of perennials and shrubs. We were excited to have almost a blank canvas to learn and develop new gardens on. We enrolled in our county's Master Gardener Program and learned that the most important factor for planting success is adding soil amendments. We have been working at improving our typical clay soil ever since. We now have a yard with beds around the house and several island beds scattered throughout our property. Our gardens are far from being completed. All of this has been a labor of love done completely by my husband and myself. We have made lots of mistakes along the way, but the journey has included many opportunities for learning more about gardening, as well as enjoying the wonderful friendships of our gardening friends. We still have so much to learn and do, but our little piece of heaven on earth allows us to learn by trial and error. We are enjoying each moment that we are able to be outside and in the garden.

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Kylee said...

Oh Dorothy, this will be fun to go along with your journey in gardening! I'm right with you! When I read what you wrote here, it sounds just like us!

I'm glad you decided to blog about your garden. I've added you to my links of Ohio gardeners! :-)