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Friday, January 8, 2010

A Gardener’s Winter Retreat

I have been seeking out TV shows on gardening. Oh please HGTV, help me through this long period of waiting for spring. I look forward to watching Gardening by the Yard with Paul James on HGTV. Even the repeat episodes are a breath of fresh air, but I want more. In my search, I came upon an interesting show on Create TV which is broadcast on my local PBS station. Of course, there is the Victory Garden, which I am enjoying, but I discovered a new show called Garden Smart. I have enjoyed watching this show, and with the enthusiasm of a starving gardener, I recommend it to you. While checking out programs in my area, I discovered that there are several gardening shows out there, but you have to check to see if they are broadcast on your local PBS station. Click on the Gardening Page of Create TV to find a show that may interest you. It takes some searching, but for a hungry gardener in the Midwest at this time of year, it is refreshing.

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