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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Brown, White and a Little Bit of Green

Well, it's official. I have decided to give in to winter and see things in brown, white and a little bit of green. I now understand the term "Winter Interest". "Winter Interest" is a gardener's best attempt to deal with all of the brown and white in the garden. I decided to go out, really through my windows, to give "Winter Interest" meaning on this Delaware Green Acre, at least from the lens on my camera.

Here is my best attempt:

(Sedum Autumn Joy)

Dwarf Korean Lilac
(Syringa meyeri)

Annabelle Hydrangea
(Hydrangea aborecence)

Weeping Mulberry
(Morus alba)

Maiden Grass
(Miscanthus sinensis)

Backyard Wildlife

Serbian Spruce
(Picea omorika)

Globe Blue Spruce
(Picea pungens f. glauca "Globosa")

Bird's Nest Spruce
(Picea abies)

White Pines and Blue Spruce
(Pinus Strobus and Picea pungens)

Bean Pole Taxus
(Taxus x media Beanpole)

Just hang on!

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