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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Central Ohio Daffodil Show

Last weekend, Franklin Park Conservatory hosted the Central Ohio Daffodil Show. Daffodils are our favorite spring flower, so we had to go. As soon as we entered the room, we were in daffodil heaven. The range of colors, sizes, and forms was just breathtaking.

Every winter I try to learn a little more about these wonder bulbs while the winter is waning and the anticipation of spring is on my mind. I pull out my book Daffodils for North American Gardens by Brent and Becky Heath of Brent and Becky’s Bulbs. There are lots of pictures which are a must for a winter starved gardener in Ohio, but there is so much information that helps me keep learning. The Daffodil Society provided great printed resources at the show, as well as very helpful society members who answered all kinds of questions. I am working on learning to identify the flowers by using the Royal Horticultural Society System of Classification. There are 13 divisions. The Division number indicates the form of the flower and the letters indicate the flower color. The daffodil Menehay is in Division 11(Split Corona) A(Collar Daffodil) Y(yellow)-O(orange). Below is an entry card for this daffodil.

Menehay 11A Y-O

Petit Four 4W-PPY

Denali 1W-W

Pearson 2YYW-W

Trumpet Warrior --1YW-WWY

Ombersley 1Y-Y

Fencourt Jewel 8W-P

I'm learning!

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