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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Continuing our visit to Phipps on National Public Gardens' Day, we enter the Stove Room. We looked around to see if we could figure out why this room was named the Stove Room, but may have missed a sign somewhere. Upon entering, we were in an enchanted kind of world in the tropics with all of its lush foliage and beautiful flowers. We were lucky enough to be there when the butterflies were gracing this beautiful habitat. There was so much information posted on the life cycle of butterflies. Here are a few pictures from this area.

Giant Swallowtail

Mexican Honeysuckle


A Shrimp plant in butterfly heaven


Chihuly in the Stove Room

As we entered the South Conservatory, we saw a large center bed, water feature, and a walkway that allows you to see the seasonal plantings from many angles. What a show!

Veggies line the outside bed

All made out of plants

Next stop, the Tropical Fruit & Spice Room featuring tropical fruits, nuts and spices from around the world.

Buddha's Hand Citron

Giant Lemon


Macadamia Nut

"Red Lady"

Purple Strawberry Guava
Love the bark!

Now a walk into the Children's Discovery garden.

Chocolate Vine

Doublefile Viburnum

The Tropical Forest Conservatory is huge. We were so impressed with the level of education provided by the plants and signage. There are winding pathways, waterfalls, a pond with fish, a healer's hut and also a research station. This tropical forest represents the Andes. One of the signs stated that this is the birthplace of the Amazon River.

Spiral Ginger

Coral Aphelandra

Bush Allamanda

Angel's Trumpet

Golden Shrimp Plant

Yellow Walking Iris

I was not sure if we would be able to see much in the Japanese Courtyard at this time of the year, but we were pleasantly surprised. It was beautiful! Check out all of the colors. This Japanese garden is a blend of two different Japanese art forms, the Japanese garden and Bonsai which are rarely displayed together in Japan.

From the Japanese Courtyard we entered the Desert Room. What a variety of plants! This room is filled with all types of cacti and succulents.

Dale Chihuly's Desert Gold Star welcomes you to the desert.


Quiver Tree

Purple Crest Aeonium

Chochineal Cactus

Dragon Tree
Dracaena draco
I remember seeing this tree on the Victory Garden!

Leaving the Desert Room, we entered the Sunken Garden where there were hanging baskets and fountains surrounding this garden.
What a view!

The Broderie Room is a representation of formal French knotted gardens. According to the Phipps website, Parterre de Broderie translates to "embroidery of earth." It is a spectacular sight.

Decorative Dahlia

A few pictures from the Victoria Room.

Beautiful Caladiums

The East Room is a seasonal interest room with garden art and the soothing sound of water.

Well, it's full circle, ending on the other side of the Palm Court.

Here he comes with our newest plant star, Orange Peel!

Will we come back for a return visit? Without a doubt!

Ending our day at dinner at Applebee's with a rainbow, and a double one at that, right outside our window. How cool is that!!

The end of a perfect day.

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