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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Daffodils? Really, on May 16th.

This Spring has been a good one for the daffodils in Central Ohio. There are many different types that bloom in our garden each year, and each year we add more to the mix. It is amazing how we make room for new varieties each fall. Last year, we decided to widen several beds that were near the porch so that we could enjoy some of the special new flowers from a window, if need be, or directly from the porch. Always thinking about not stepping in soggy grass from Spring rains.

We joined the American Daffodil Society and have met some wonderful people and learned a lot about this particular flower. Daffodils are divided into thirteen divisions which are based on what the daffodil looks like. Letters represent the color of the petals (perianth) and the cup (corona). The petal color is described by letters starting from the outside (edge), then the middle, and then right next to the cup. The cup color is described from inside out of the cup, all the way to the rim. The format used to describe a daffodil is "division number, letter(s) describing the petal color followed by a hyphen, and the letter(s) describing the cup.

These are the cultivars that are blooming on this Delaware Green Acre on May 16th.

This is Tripartite
11a  Y–Y

  This is Stratosphere
7 Y-O

Good  bye for now Daffodils. See you next Spring!

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