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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 1 at the Central Ohio Home and Garden Show

What an exciting time of the year. While waiting for spring, my husband and I try to take advantage of anything related to gardening at all and we always look forward to going to this great show. We arrived before show hours and had to stand back in a waiting area until the announcement was heard over the loud speaker that it was time to begin our quest for spring. We were out of the gate and off we went. We quickly made our way to the gardens area where there were 16 gardens to explore. This year’s theme was “Art in Bloom.” We have a favorite garden and every year off we go to explore it before the line gets too long. This garden is the result of months of hard work by the Cedarbrook Landscaping and Garden Center. Every year this group puts on a fantastic show during this event. This year, their theme was “The Art of Bees Making Blooms.” This garden’s entrance was graced with Rhododendrons and Azaleas with an evergreen backdrop of Arborvitae. You walk through a giant hive with lots of information on how bees do their jobs in the garden.

Rhodys at different stages

There were bears, bees, and honey all over the place.

There was even a giant bee who got to pose for me!

Around every corner was a surprise of plant material. The biggest surprise was discovering a new plant named “Faxeus Liteus.” Check this out! I could not resist sharing this picture with you.

A plant of many lights

You had to be there!

I could not help appreciating all of the art that was integrated into the gardens at this home and garden show. Many thanks to Brenda from for the opportunity to attend this show. Thank you for giving us your art of photography on your web site.

"Art in Bloom"


Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

Great photos;-) That 'new' plant name looks fake...almost like some kind of joke. But I guess not. Most of the botanical names are unreal to me;-)

Green Acre said...

Thanks for your comment. Sorry for the confusion. My picture was not the clearest. I added the caption "A Plant of Many Lights". Cedarbrook's garden always adds that extra bit of excitement. This year, an "electric plant"! Wish I could have gotten a better picture for you. We just had to get a picture for our blog.