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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Winter's Wrath, Spring's Promise

What wonderful weather we have been having in Central Ohio. As I write this, the temperature is 64 degrees. What a beautiful almost spring day! As I walk the gardens, I decided to venture out into the back gardens where it is usually pretty soggy at this time of the year. It felt really good being out in the sunshine too. There is something about that first walk out in the gardens. It doesn't seem so bad that there is a ton of cleanup to do. Actually, my husband and I really can't wait to get started, like most gardeners. I went out hunting for spring and counted on finding some signs of hope out there. My Miscanthus has been ripped to shreds. We did not have the dry days in February to get out there and cut these grasses back. I love this grass. I know that it is just a common form of ornamental grass, but oh, what grace as it first emerges in the spring, grows tall and is lush green in the summer, and forms the most wonderful maroon seed heads in the fall. Winter allows it to stand firm and hold the snow. Truly a real form of winter interest.

Spring emerging




Daffodils old and new


The Heart of the Garden

Violet's Crocuses in Bloom


Jim Groble said...

nice tour of the garden. jim

Anonymous said...

It really is uplifting to see all these wonderful signs of Spring!